Skiing on Enceladus (Synth Music Album)

Gliding through one hour of IDM, Synthpop, Ambient and Berlin School of Electronic Music. Recorded with analog hardware Synthesizers.

Enceladus, is the sixth largest of Saturn’s 62 moons. It is believed by scientists to be a world of perpetual snowfall, and probably the best powder in the entire solar system.

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The Touch of Cosmic Nature (Music Album)

The album includes a collection of several Live Synth Jams that were performed by Ralph Baumgartl between July 2017 and December 2017. Total playing time is around 80 minutes. The music can be best described as a blend of Intelligent Dance Music, Ambient, Chill-out, Electronica and Berlin School of Electronic Music.


The album is available at


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From The Good Earth - 10 Schritte zur Steigerung der Lebensfreude

Audiobook Soundtrack für Mind & Wellness

Texte und Musik zur Steigerung der Lebensfreude im Alltag.
Soundtrack für Menschen, die sich mehr "Mind und Body Wellness" im täglichen Leben wünschen.

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Schauen Sie sich hier den offiziellen Video Trailer zu diesem Hörbuch an: